Monday, December 15, 2008


Your heart was weighed in the judgement hall of Osiris. This hall was also home to hundreds of other tests.If you were the purest of pure{and I'm talking fresh spring water pure or raw sugar}. Then you would move onto. paradise!!!!!!!!!!!YIPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Solid Gold

Believe it or not the Egyptians didn't have some fwaw-fwaw name for the scale they weighed your heart on. It was actually called a scale[pretty origanal huh]. Now it might not of had a cool name bug it was SOLID GOLD !!!! On the side of it was hundreds of hieroglyphics[talk about small]. Yeah, whoever painted that had to have a steady hand, ya know what I mean. Like if I even attempted that it would look like someone threw-up on it[not judgment hall material.]

My Main Jackel Headed Man

During the weighing of the heart ceremony Anubis would weigh the heart[ewww, gross I hope he washed his hands first]. Anubis had the hear of a Jackal and the body of a man[grrrr]. Kaat represented the feather[hahahahahahah Loser he had to be the feather] that the heart would be weighed against. Thoth-the god of wisdom-would stand by recording the results.I feel really sorry for the guy 'cause he had the head of a herein. Which is a bird with a really long nose so he musta been bumping into stuff all the time.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Make sure to be good!!

OMG!!!! I would never ever ever want my heart weighed by Anubis. I mean come on, we all do bad stuff right. If you only did 1 bad thing your heart would be given to this like monster thing. But if you had payed your depts then you would move on to the afterlife, which was like paradise. So stay with me here, your heart was weighed against a feather. I know what your thinking "A FEATHER!!!". But the Egyptians thought that it would be lighter so I guess that makes sense, right?

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